The Waldmeister Philosophy

At first glance the use of wood as a construction material seems like a nostalgic notion, reminiscent of the good old times. One last salute to a natural raw material that has accompanied the cultural development of man for thousands of years. On closer inspection one finds however, that, besides its visual elegance and the typical emotional warmth of wood, the frame features several sophisticated technical details and is therefore seminal in the use of natural construction materials in the 21st century. The special appeal of the Waldmeister is created by the harmonious fusion of the natural materials wood and leather with hightech materials like carbon and titanium as well as the reduction of all elements to the essential.


We strive to make the Waldmeister Bike as environmentally friendly as possible. That is why we use long-lasting components produced by companies that share our philosophy of sustainability. The Waldmeister Bike is built only from local woods. The wood of the frame comes from PEFC-certified sustainable forestry from the Teutoburg forest. For the optional inlay we use FSC-certified wood.